On The Safest Ledge


Don’t look ahead, just run to me.

Each step will find the next one recklessly.
We’ll find ourselves on the safest ledge.
Well pardon me, I couldn’t help myself.
Girl, fall into your life here.
If only for a while, I’m here.

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The Conflict


The Conflict - The Ghost Inside

Let’s put an end to this once and for all.
We’ve found strength in numbers.
And when your time runs out, what will you believe?
I’m in no search for salvation or sanity.
Your words are bringing me down.
Just leave me be.
A sinking ship, escape from these shackles at home.
Now I’m led to your bleeding heart, and I’m standing alone.
A song, some psalm about hope and fear.
Subject to the words of a voice I don’t hear.
Constructing an army of fallen men before my eyes.
But I don’t want your council, I walk my own line.
I live the life of the true.
I do not bleed.
My eyes only see the ones who don’t believe.
Just the sight of the hopeless with no calling or a place in the sun.
It takes more than might to move the masses.
It takes strength beyond strength to stand for something.
I can see your arms open to welcome the storm.
I see the boundaries.
I know this game.
I can stand with you though we don’t see the same.
I want you to know the love that set me free.
I don’t worship a concept. I follow a king.
We walk through water to bridge the gap between lives and separate sides. 
And when it comes to this, there will be no war; there should be no pride. 
You’ve always hated what you’ve never known, 
And never loved what you were never shown.
Drop your guard and be as strong as “we.”
Finally free.
Block out the sun until the walls cave in.
Tearing down the walls between two sides.
Respecting each others lives with no fear no pride.
Bridging the gap that exists, though there are still two sides.
Please know I’m on your side.

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Well hey I think you're cool

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You’re cool and rad and don’t forget it. Thanks for messaging me this, it means a lot :)

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Pineapple, papaya

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Aw geez anon I’m sorry about the fact that we don’t talk much anymore. You should message me off anon and we can talk about it :(